What to Expect

Seminar Team

The seminar staff includes a facilitator, local and subject matter experts, and logistics coordinators who will all help you gain the most out of your time on the seminar. You can learn more about us by reading our biographies under the Coordinators section:

Overall Approach to the Seminar

■  A mix of theoretical and applied sessions, with many opportunities to engage practicing leaders and experts.
■  Highly interactive and participatory sessions. You will be challenged throughout the sessions to compare and contrast the information provided with issues and opportunities in your own organizations and countries. These structured discussions will facilitate learning from one another.
■  Small classes to enable interaction around specific back-home challenges and help participants get to know one another. Participants will forge professional networks that are long-lasting.
■  This is the fourth time we have hosted this seminar. We will be expecting your feedback and input into the design and organization to help improve the course for years to come.
■  A Forest Service team of facilitators and organizers who will make the seminar a productive and fun learning experience.

Participant Presentations

During the first two days of the seminar, you will be asked to make a brief presentation on current activities, successes, and specific technical and organizational challenges you encounter in your position. Every participant will present during the first two days of the seminar, so we ask that you please prepare the following prior to your arrival in the US. You will not have time to prepare a presentation after you arrive in Idaho:

1) a 5 – 7 minute oral presentation. A computer and projector will be available for your presentation. If you plan to include power point slides, please limit your presentation to 7 slides. Here is the Country Presentation Explanation and a Power Point template to use for your slides:

Country Presentation Explanation

Country Presentation Template

2) a 10 – 15 minute media presentation. During the second evening of the seminar we will host a networking expo where participants can set up laptops to display photo shows or other media presentations. Photos, maps,  or other items that showcase your country can be displayed on tables and are also welcome. This is an opportunity for you to be creative and share additional details about your project or country. The seminar coordinators will have laptops you can borrow to show any media if you wish.

Field Visits

Field visits are an integral part of the seminar. Idaho is a big state, so expect to spend some hours riding to and from sites in vans or large sports utility vehicles. You can also expect to do some walking at most sites (sometimes two kilometers or more) and some horseback riding. Last minute changes to the agenda and site visits could occur. Please come with a flexible attitude!